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Carefully curated movement classes by Faren Mae.

Movement built on the foundations of Pilates, sprinkled with Yoga philosophy, and the freedom of expression from dance.

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Faren is a movement enthusiast, certified STOTT Pilates, Barre, and Yoga Instructor who shares her passion, knowledge and experience with people from all walks of life interested in improving their physical and mental well-being.

She creates a welcoming environment that encourages you to let go and tune-in to your body.  Classes focus on breath, movements based on the foundations of Pilates, sprinkled with Yoga philosophy, and the freedom of expression from her dance background.

She believes that movement not only builds physical strength, but mental & emotional strength as well.  Her Free Flow group classes are musically driven, with an emphasis on how the movement feels, instead of how it looks.  Her private and semi-private sessions will take your movement practice to the next level, as she caters to exactly what your body needs, utilizing the STOTT Pilates V2Max Reformer machine.

Faren has taught in four countries to clients from all over the world at a variety of different studios over the past 10 years and learned about the importance of adaptability and that no two bodies can be treated the same.  With the full comprehensive STOTT Pilates Certification, including injuries and special populations, pre/post natal, 200hr Yoga Certificate, and 18 years experience in competitive dance, her technical knowledge, and practical experience has all added to the evolution of her teaching style.  She utilizes her skills and experience to create classes that are safe, effective, and leave you feeling strong, confident and empowered!

FreeFlow classes focus on breath, intuitive movement, and feeling empowered. Lengthen, strengthen, prevent injuries, and find joy in movement!


The Pilates Reformer takes your Pilates practice to the next level.  Adjustable spring tension to challenge or support your body through a variety or exercises.  Gain strength, mobility, balance, body awareness, and confidence.  Whether you're a beginner, pre/post natal, rehabilitating from an injury, or in need of athletic conditioning, Pilates Reformer is for you.

Connect virtually to the FreeFlow movement community in the comfort of your own home.   Sign up for group classes, or book a virtual private session and start your movement journey with Faren.



"Faren's classes feel like community"

— Carly Watt

"I entered the quarantine feeling like a pretzel of anxiety but taking weekly classes with Faren was a serious silver lining of hope and fun that helped me relax while getting strong. Every class has it’s own unique sequencing, custom to all bodies and abilities, and her instruction is clear and concise. Online exercise can be isolating but Faren’s classes feel like community."



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