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Free Flow Instructors

At Free Flow Pilates, our goal is to empower you with our energy, educate you with our knowledge, and encourage you in a safe, welcoming environment.


(STOTT Pilates, Physiotherapy

Marina has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in Brazil and is a certified Pilates instructor through Stott Pilates and Voll Pilates Group (Brazil).


A couple years after graduating from university she developed an interest in Pilates due to a lower back injury and has been teaching and using the method as a rehabilitation tool since 2012.

 With a particular interest in movement rehabilitation, she incorporates her knowledge, skills and background in healthcare to support clients through their wellness, training and recovery with a safe and individualized approach.  

Marina believes Pilates is for everyone and welcomes clients of all ability levels.  She is passionate about combining movement and exercise to support people in feeling empowered and strong in their bodies.

Marina is available Thursdays & Fridays


Faren is a movement enthusiast, certified STOTT Pilates, Barre, and Yoga Instructor who shares her passion, knowledge and experience with people from all walks of life interested in improving their physical and mental well-being.

She creates a welcoming environment that encourages you to let go and tune-in to your body.  Classes focus on breath, movements based on the foundations of Pilates, sprinkled with Yoga philosophy, and the freedom of expression from her dance background.

She believes that movement not only builds physical strength, but mental & emotional strength as well.  Her private and semi-private (duet) sessions will take your movement practice to the next level, as she caters to exactly what your body needs, utilizing the STOTT Pilates V2Max Reformer machine & Vertical Frame.

Faren has taught in four countries to clients from all over the world at a variety of different studios over the past 11 years and learned about the importance of adaptability and that no two bodies can be treated the same.  With the full comprehensive STOTT Pilates Certification, including injuries and special populations, pre/post natal, 200hr Yoga Certificate, and 18 years experience in competitive dance, her technical knowledge, and practical experience has all added to the evolution of her teaching style.  She utilizes her skills and experience to create classes that are safe, effective, and leave you feeling strong, confident and empowered!

Faren is available Mon-Fri.

colour headshot.jpeg

(STOTT Pilates, ELDOA)

Izumi is a former dancer who is certified in Stott Pilates and Barre.  She teaches athletic conditioning, dance and ELDOA exercises. 


In her dance career Izumi has dealt with many injuries that have compelled her to develop the skills to overcome them. This has given her a deep understanding of the importance of movement and body awareness. 


Izumi incorporates her dance knowledge into her classes, with an emphasis on dynamic and functional movement to prevent future injury.  She has a keen eye for posture, and clearly communicates how to adjust the body for optimal results.  She will help you break your bad habits and achieve your goals.


She also incorporates ELDOA techniques into her classes to restore your spine and refresh your mind.


Izumi looks forward to guiding you on your journey to better health, movement and your body transformation.

Izumi is available Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Saige Palleske Head Shot.JPEG

(Reformer Pilates, Yin Yoga)

Embark on a transformative journey with Saige, a seasoned wellness instructor with a passion for restorative movement and a wealth of experience in Reformer Pilates, Yin Yoga, and Dance. With a dynamic fusion of Dance expertise and Reformer experience, Saige brings a unique and holistic approach to fitness and the well being of the body.


Saige boasts an impressive background in Professional Ballet, accumulating 12 years of dedicated training. This solid foundation enhances her ability to understand the intricacies of the human body, contributing to a well-rounded approach to fitness.  As a certified Pilates Instructor with 2 years of Pilates instruction experience, Saige brings precision and expertise to every session.


Expect each session to promote strength, mobility, flexibility, and a long term approach to help reduce chronic pain.  With 4 years of teaching Yoga, Saige infuses mindfulness into her classes.  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, you’ll find a space where physical and mental balance are paramount. Adding a unique dimension to her skill set, Saige spent a year as a physio assistant, specializing in physio-pilates private sessions.  This experience enables her to tailor workouts to accommodate individual needs and address specific physical considerations, ensuring a safe and effective wellness journey.


Join Saige, where expertise, passion, and a commitment to your well being converge for a transformative and enriching fitness experience.  Discover the power of movement and unlock your true potential!

Saige is available Sundays & Tuesdays

(Reformer Pilates)

Julie D’Uva specializes in group reformer classes and private sessions.  With a background in sociology, communications and movement, the thread of her pursuits is an unwavering curiosity about human behaviour, connection and how we navigate the world physically and emotionally. 


Drawing from personal experiences of overcoming physical setbacks, Julie’s teaching philosophy centres on gratitude for the body’s resilience.  She understands the complexities of temporarily losing mobility and the rewarding process of rebuilding. 


Julie believes it’s a privilege to be able to move our bodies, to live well and achieve goals.  Her mission is to empower others to feel strong, joyful and vibrant through the power of the reformer. 

Julie is available Sundays.

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